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Type / formTALEN, dimer. (T-D)
More about TALEN forms
Target Full site(N/A)
Speicesfruitfly (Drosophila melanogaster)
List EENs targeting genome of fruitfly
Gene / LocusCG9797 G
Location to geneexon
TALENs Left site & RVDs
Right site & RVDs
TALEN framework
& linker peptide
More about TALEN frameworks & linker pepetides
FokI variantSharkey-AS+R
List EENs with FokI variants Sharkey   More about FokI variants
Construction methodUA
List EENs constructed by UA   More about TALE construction methods
(first reported)
Genome modification
More about modification methods
Efficiency34-67%, restriction-enzyme-resistance assay (after PCR).
More about efficiency detection methods
Reference (first reported)Liu et al., J Genet Genomics., 2012 (22624882 R)
External database
& resource

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